Meet the Men of Our 2017 Staff



Dimitri Brown was born and raised in Texas and has spent most of his life moving around within the Denver Metropolis. He is a freshman at Colorado State and studies business with the goal of going to Law School. He attends Assumption Cathedral in Denver and does a lot of work with the younger dance groups and dances in the Idomenas Cretan group. Dimitri attended Camp Emmanuel from fifth grade, and he has also participated in Camp Angelos in Portland; he has also been involved as both participant and counselor at many GOYA retreats. Dimitri is so excited for ASC because he loves the youth of the Greek Orthodox community--when you bring them all together for summer camp, it's always a blast!

Alexander eliades

Alex has just finished his second year at Holy Cross seminary in Brookline, MA and loves it! He’s looking forward to returning to All Saints for another summer of fun and fellowship! Born and raised near San Francisco, he finished his undergrad in History at UC Davis in 2014, traveled abroad and worked for a year, and is loving learning more about the Church at Holy Cross and seeing where Christ guides him! Beyond the classroom and the chapel, his life revolves around sports (playing or watching): baseball, football, and basketball. He is so excited for another year at ASC!



Evangelos Goodson

Evan is more than excited to be a counselor at All Saints Camp for the first time! After participating in more than five years of camps across the Metropolis of San Francisco and being the co-youth coordinator for St. Demetrios in Tucson, Arizona for a year, Evan is ready to come back to ASC as a counselor and serve as part of your staff 2017! 
Evan was born in Slidell, Louisiana (Whodat Nation) While Evan is a Southern boy at heart, in 2005, shortly after Hurricane Katrina, he and his family packed up and moved to Tucson, Arizona. To Evans disappointment, it’s not that wild out in the West anymore…but he LOVES Tucson and being close to St. Anthony’s Monastery! He has lived there for eleven years as a part of both the St. Demetrios community in Tucson and the Holy Trinity Cathedral community in Phoenix, Arizona. Evan loves Greek dancing for Holy Trinity and being a musician for various groups at FDF every year. Evan has completed his first year of college at the University of Arizona, where he is studying education and planning to get his master's in educational administration. Evan is super proud to be on staff at All Saints this year and is excited to see YOU there!

Canon Hansen

Canon is a very hard working individual who is very enthusiastic in all that he does, and he is not afraid to drop his cool card. While he is a very good leader and can direct children with ease, Canon is very open to learning and is always looking for a way to get better. He has some knowledge of the saints and their stories; this has helped him to be not only a fun leader, but a spiritual leader as well. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm and drive.

Alexander Koumontzis

Alex can't wait to be at ASC. He kicked off his summer with Project Mexico and will spend the remainder of his summer at All Saints Camp and the Metropolis Summer Camp at St. Nicholas Ranch (and return to Mexico to help out at St. Innocent Orphanage at some point). A clothing and graphic designer, Alex is the kind of person who loves learning and gaining new skills.

In the fall, he will be attending Arizona State University at Barrett, the Honors College, where he intends to major in business marketing with a minor in graphic design. In life, he is in the process of developing his own  clothing line.

Alex can't wait to see you in Prescott!

Devon Latzen

Describing Devon Latzen, a.k.a. The Coolinator, with speech alone is like attempting to describe what the Sistine Chapel smells like. Versed in all things hex code, Devon can identify the color of both the flowers he gave his mom for Mother's Day and also his favorite shirt, which is smargadine (that's an actual color--look it up). Also, Devon did not write this himself, but communicated it to his secretary via telepathy. He can't wait for camp. Or is it camp that can't wait for him? We're still working out how Devon manipulates time and space.

Isaiah pavlatos

According to Buzzfeed, Isaiah should visit Milan (based off of the five dishes from Olive Garden he chose), his undercover identity as a spy would be a gardener, he should name his future cow "Rose," and he should be sorted into Hufflepuff (based off of the 80's playlist he made).

Isaiah is made for camp--as the second oldest of nine, he has been a "counselor" since he was ten. Originally born (and currently living) in Phoenix, he considers himself at home in the forests of Oregon. Isaiah is currently a student of business, and his end goal is to work in mental health. He loves youth ministry and has worked on staff for Camp Angelos in Oregon, Camp Saint Paul in New York, various vacation bible schools, and local youth events. Isaiah can't wait to meet all of you and do a backflip!

Michael Ristagno

Michael Ristagno was born in Philadelphia but spent most of his childhood in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is going to be a senior at the University of Arizona (Bear Down!) and studies biological anthropology and psychology. Michael is also a pre-medical student and hopes to be a psychiatrist one day. He will spend most of his summer studying for medical entrance exams. He attends Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Scottsdale and was involved in Greek dance, GOYA, Ionian Village, All Saints Camp, and has participated in Project Mexico in Rosarito, Mexico. When Michael isn’t in the library, you can find him hiking, riding his bike, and finding new places to eat in Tucson. After being a camper at All Saints for many years, he is excited to be a counselor!


Athan Sarris-Haigh

Athan was born and raised in the foggy, yet beautiful, Sunset District in San Francisco, California! He graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California (Go Gaels!) with a major in Business Marketing and minor in Theology and Religious Studies.

Athan has joined forces with his pops to take over the business world. Almost man bun strong once again and over two years into the business, Athan came to the conclusion that oil prices are still too high, growing your own produce yields amazing health results, and “I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen” is extremely entertaining to say.

Having grown up at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in San Francisco, Athan values the church community as a second family in his life. He is a die-hard Bay Area sports fan, growing up with the San Francisco Giants, 49ers, and Golden State Warriors. He loves to play all kinds of sports and finding adventurous spots to hang his hammock. Athan cannot wait to share his enthusiasm and love for camp this summer!

John Schneider

His beard is longer than Albus Dumbledore's, and also invisible. Snake venom strengthens him. His car gains value every time he drives it. He does not have opinions, only facts. He once revived a dead bird just by staring at its skeleton. He invented the smile. Alexander the Great asked him for permission to conquer the world. He can sneeze with his eyes open. His lies become truth. When he steps on a field, the scoreboard runs out of numbers. He was eaten by a lion and survived. TSA refuses to search his bag. Time waits for no man, except him. He wears... the most interesting hats in the world.

George Sotiras

George likes the Raiders.  He likes Camp.  He loves his godson.  This is George.

Stefanos Veziris

Stefanos was born and raised in Stockton, CA. He is number three out of six children in his family. He likes to hit the gym and workout by lifting as many weights as he possibly can. He currently is working as a server while finishing his real estate license. When he's not working out or being awesome, he enjoys taking long walks on a short pier and eating eagle eggs and getting his nutrients (Nacho Libre reference).

Matt Walsh

Matt was born in Chicago, Illinois but was raised most his life in Phoenix, Arizona. Matt is a returning counselor to All Saints, and he has a blast making memories with his campers! Matt is currently a junior at ASU pursuing his dream, automotive engineering. Matt grew up in the country and loves all activities outdoors along with working with his hands. Cars have always been his passion ever since he could breathe. He always takes great pride in his work and loves to learn. Matt also loves involving himself in church activities like Greek dance and competing at FDF. Summer is almost here, and he can’t wait to see all of your bright and shinning faces!