Meet the Ladies of Our 2017 Staff

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Laura Blazev

Laura was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona and is a desert baby through and through (as evidenced by wearing a jacket anytime it is below 85 degrees). She is a Certified Child Life Specialist at Phoenix Children's Hospital, and she is blessed to spend her days helping raise her baby niece, volunteering, being involved in church ministries, and GETTING REALLY EXCITED FOR CAMP. 

Laura attended All Saints Camp every summer growing up and found it to be a constant blessing throughout her life. From forming some of her most meaningful friendships to growing stronger in her faith, she doesn't want to think about life without camp. She can't wait for camp this year and to reunite with all of the campers! 

Paraskevi Constantinides

Paraskevi Constantinides is from Dublin, California and attends the Resurrection Church in nearby Castro Valley. She just finished her second year of undergraduate studies at Regis University in Denver, Colorado to earn her B.S. in Health and Exercise Science with a minor in Neuroscience. With this, she hopes to build a career working with kids with disabilities to be able to adapt to their prosthetics. When she isn’t studying, she is working for a non-profit organization or sipping tea and reading an action or mystery novel. She enjoys friendly competition in both physical and mental challenges as well as the outdoors, from the beach to the snow and anything in between. She is excited to return to the fun of All Saints Camp this summer!


Talia Curtis

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Talia grew up at the parish of St. John the Baptist. From an early age, she was involved in just about every church ministry that there is, but she developed a strong love for Greek dance and camp ministry in particular. Because of the impact that it had on her life, Talia is now extremely passionate about using these ministries to engage today’s youth in their faith.

Talia attended her first year of camp ten years ago and formed relationships that would change her life forever. It is because of those friendships that Talia ultimately made the decision to move to Arizona, which she now calls home. She is an Arizona State University alumnus with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Human Development and a Certificate in Child Life. Talia enjoys spending her free time eating at new places, crafting things from Pinterest, and hanging out with her husband. Talia is thrilled to be joining ASC staff once again and can’t wait for all that this summer has in store! 

Juliana Delsante

Juliana has been going to All Saints Camp since she was about eleven years old. Going to this camp every year is so important to her that she just had to come back as a counselor! When she's at home, she attends Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Phoenix, Arizona, but is currently attending Kenyon College in Ohio where she studies Classics with an emphasis on Ancient Greece. In her spare time, Juliana enjoys playing for her school's softball team, ballroom dancing, and writing. This summer she will also be volunteering for Project Mexico. She can't wait for camp and is very excited to see everyone!

Sophia Fraser

Camps have always been the highlight of the summer for Sophia Fraser since she can remember. She grew up attending Camp Angelos, her parish camp in Oregon, as well as Vacation Bible School, and is now a counselor at both. Sophia is currently a student at the University of Oregon, studying business administration. She attends Holy Trinity Cathedral in Portland, and when she is at school, she attends St. George Greek Church in Eugene.

Before Sophia left for school, she was a part of her parish’s Greek dance group, volunteered with Project Mexico, and spent a summer in Greece at Ionian Village. She has also spent time being a buddy at Camp Agape in Portland for the last four years. All of her experiences through these programs have helped her to grow in her faith, and meet other Orthodox Christians from all over the United States, and she is excited to meet more at All Saints this summer!

Tiffany Kosturos

The things that Tiffany Lauren Kosturos loves are: you, sunshine, and puppies. She hopes that at camp you belly laugh until your tummy hurts, you somehow get paint and or glitter in your ears, and realize at some point how coooooool YOU are. She strongly feels that being Orthodox together is the best thing to have in common, sharing faith together is an honor, and she is so thankful to be able to do that this summer with you. She wonders what you would like to know about her...possibly that she wishes she could fly, that she has a boisterous laugh, and super sharp elbows. She grew up with two brothers who thankfully taught her to play sports, yet she is still wondering how you put on makeup (evidenced in photo). She can't wait to meet you, and she hopes you leave feeling like camp was the best part of your year!

Aliki Mehas

Aliki hails from Portland, Oregon, and over the past twelve years has traveled across vast oceans and deserts to reach her one true love: summer camp! There is no place on earth more wonderful in her eyes! Having lived in Oregon all her life, Aliki shares a passion for the outdoors and exploring!  Her love for the faith has inspired many of her adventures: Project Mexico and a summer spent in Greece at Ionian Village to name a couple! Some of her most precious memories and friendships were formed during her summers spent growing in the Orthodox Faith. This year, All Saints is kicking off her stellar summer, where she will also serve as staff at St. Nicholas Ranch in California and Camp Angelos back in Oregon! Aliki knows amazing things are in store for us all this year at camp, and she cannot wait to create more wonderful memories!

Annastasia Misthos

Annastasia, or Sia, as the entire Greek community knows her, lives for summer camp! She is a Bay Area native and has been a member of Holy Trinity in San Francisco her entire life. Her family has been heavily involved at Holy Trinity for over sixty years, and Sia is the third generation of the Misthos family to make helping the church a priority in her life. Sia is a student at the College of San Mateo and will be transferring to San Francisco State in the Fall of 2017. True to her never ending love for children, she is working on becoming and elementary school teacher. When she’s not in class or working as a teacher for children with special needs, she spends most of her free time dabbling in photography, hiking, roller blading, being a single kitty mama to her two cats, Leo and Luna, and Greek dancing. She has been Greek dancing and attending FDF for twenty years;  her culture is a huge part of her life. Sia also loves going on adventures, trying new foods and restaurants, eating gallons of Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream, listening to music, going to concerts, obsessing of everything Harry Potter, and spending time with her best friends. Sia feels blessed to have the opportunity to spend a week in Arizona as a counselor at All Saints Camp. She can’t wait to have lots of fun this summer making new memories, building new relationships with campers and counselors, and seeing old friends. Gia Ta Pedia--For the Kids!

Katerina nicolopoulos

Kat Nicolopoulos is from the city of Scottsdale, Arizona, surrounded by cacti and beautiful year-round sunshine. She’s going into her junior year at Arizona State University, majoring in Psychology and Family & Human Development, and forever reppin’ the best school--Go Devils always! She grew up at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Scottsdale and Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Phoenix. She loves being involved at home in Arizona through All Saints Camp, Camp Agape, and GOYA and enjoys being able to add to the memories each year. She spent the last summer serving at All Saints Camp and St. Nick's Ranch in California and is so excited to be back home at ASC. She’s looking forward to winning another dodgeball tournament, making a million friendship bracelets (challenge already accepted), and lastly, losing her voice after all the singing and dancing that’s to come. Along with all these fun times ahead, what she's really looking forward to is being able to grow in her faith in a place where she feels like we can be our true selves. Kat can’t wait for another amazing summer and will see you soon! She’s definitely chillin' the most until camp comes around and is SO EXCITED for summer to come.

Jordan (Normoyle) Saylor

Jordan Normoyle, originally hailing from the Central Valley of California, is a veteran of Metropolis youth camps. Depending on when this bio gets posted, she may have already legally become a Mrs., as she is getting hitched on April 22, a.k.a. Earth Day! When not slaving away toward earning her Master of Education here at ASU, she can be found either spending time poolside, eating popcorn, doing newspaper puzzler pages, watching Jeopardy, wishing she was interning at Project Mexico, or bouncing around in her 90's moon shoes. She is so excited to take a break from school and the valley heat to take a drive up to higher elevations and cool off at All Saints Camp this year!

Alexandra Pallad

Alexandra Pallad will be a senior at Arizona State University, studying Music Education. She is in the French Horn studio and has played in several ensembles, including the Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Opera Theatre, Wind Orchestra, and several chamber groups. In her free time, Alexandra likes to go hiking, bake, and spend time with friends and family.

Alexandra grew up attending St. Haralambos Church in Peoria, Arizona. She has been very involved in her church, playing organ, chanting, and participating in Oratorical Festivals. Having been a camper at All Saints Camp in the past, she is very excited to attend camp as a staff member for the first time! Alexandra is really looking forward to helping with the camp’s music program and meeting all of this year’s campers. See you in June!

Georgie Ramirez

Georgi(anna) Ramirez is from the SF Bay Area, from where all her friends immigrated to the very hot state of Arizona left her (not bitter at all, I swear)! She grew up at Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church in California where she was lucky enough to spend her time participating in GOYA, Greek Dancies, and Sunday school teachies. She loves youth ministries so much that she took herself all the way to the Biggest Apple in 2016 and interned for Y2AM, running their social media and galavanting around Central Park on her lunch breaks. When she isn't overheating in the New York's humidity, she enjoys visiting foreign countries and educating people on the power of produce. She also loves speaking in third person only with her best friend Nas as a means to confuse everyone they know and feasting on all the colorful curries of the world. From the east coast to the west coast, she has been lucky enough to counsel at Camp Saint Paul and St. Nicholas Ranch and meet these crazy cool friends she'll be spending time with again so very soon! She is soooOoOOo excited to serve at All Saints Camp this summer and "make this place her home." 

Alexandria Reynolds

Alexandria is absolutely STOKED to be a counselor at All Saints Camp this summer! She was born and raised in Oakley, California, and her home parish is St. Demetrios in Concord. She is currently studying Kinesiology and Business at Saint Mary's College of California. She feels so blessed to be going to college close to her church so that she can attend on Sundays and be involved in church activities while in school! Outside of studying, she enjoys adventuring, Greek dancing, road trips, jamming to country music, her puppy Evi (named after Saint Paraskevi, because she's epic), and spending time with her friends and family! After being a camper at Saint Nicholas Ranch for the past ten years and going to Ionian Village this past summer, Alexandria is THRILLED to get to share her love and obsession for her faith and culture with her co-staff and campers! See y'all this summer!

Katherine Rotas

Katherine, commonly referred to by most of her friends as “Krotas,” is thrilled to be joining All Saints Camp after three years at St. Nicholas Ranch as a counselor and innumerable summers at the ranch as a camper; she has never felt better prepared. Katherine has traveled to Arizona numerous times within the past two years and falls more in love with the state each time she visits (most likely due to the fact that the street names are so unique and oddly very calming??? — “Praying Monk Lane,” “Carefree Hwy,” “Dancing Bears Court,” "Sore Finger Lane"…need she say more?). Raised in Granite Bay, Cali, all her life, Katherine belongs to the parish of Annunciation in Sacramento, where she was involved in Sunday School, GOYA, and Greek dance/ FDF growing up. Her Northern California roots may explain why she feels so at home in the dry heat of the American Southwest. Katherine is graduating this year from Santa Clara University (a week before camp starts!) with a degree in Business Marketing with a minor in Retail Studies. As of now, her plans include lessening the mixed emotions of her recent entry into post-grad life by spending a fantastic week with all of you, followed by a summer of traveling abroad, and some rest and relaxation before she assumes her “real person/ grown up” job, in San Francisco in September. At school, when Katherine isn’t working on campus or studying in the beautiful SCU library, you can find her hiking various Bay Area landscapes (San Francisco’s “Lands End” is a beaut), fueling her passion for finding new music, or wandering the aisles of Trader Joe’s in search of some cooking inspiration (because weekly Whole Foods trips on a college budget just aren't realistic). She has a passion for the depth of the Orthodox faith coupled with the richness of the Greek culture, and she feels so blessed every day to have been born into the perfect mixture of both. She can’t wait to meet all the new faces and is extremely excited to work alongside many of her best friends in sharing this week with you all!


Stephanie Stamas

STEPHANIE can be described as Spontaneous, Twinkling, Encouraging, Positive, Happening, Athletic, Nurturing, Isthmus, and Exuberant. She loves singing and dancing (and wishes her life was a musical). She currently works as a middle school Spanish teacher in Los Angeles, where she teaches the language of love and Spanish all in the same day. She doesn't believe in homework and gives her students mints on test days. She is ecstatic to be back in the Arizona heat this summer for a week as a counselor at All Saints Camp. Her middle name is, "Hello I'm about to make your day much happier." Long, I know, but she's got Greek know how it is. If Steph could be an animal, it would be a bee, because she can make honey with the sound of her voice. Also, her eyes sparkle when she sleeps. Steph gets along with everyone but gluten and her best friends Tiff and Andrea may or may not have written this (because her humility kept her from doing such).